[5in5] songwriting sessions

by daniel john

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this album contains these 9 original songs written by daniel john during the past 2 years of a project called [5in5].

these raw tracks are the beginning of an album to come, but available for you now in this digital-only format.

**plus, if you purchase the entire album you will receive a very special bonus download.**

to keep up to date with daniel john, please visit this link - eepurl.com/e5M4Y

to learn more about the [5in5] project please visit this link - danieljohnmusic.com/the-2012-edition-of-5in5.


released May 23, 2012


all rights reserved



danieljohn Omaha, Nebraska

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Track Name: stand up
hopeful where this life could take you
the next moment tries to break you
takes your breath away

standing like a soldier so tall
suddenly you're in the free fall
no hope left today

cause we all fall down sometimes
& the way back up's (is) a climb
alone, we can't win this fight
but together we stand up tonight

why get up to fall right back down
better to stay here on the ground
circumstance will always win

all your fight's gone now diminished
every dream's been left unfinished
asking where you've been

stand up
Track Name: with our lives
i've got the melody
you've got the harmony
we can make this music
if we try

you sing the chorus, dear
i'll play the notes i hear
we can make this music
if we try
we can make this music
with our lives

with our lives

the kids twirl, sing, & dance
you and i steal a glance
we can make this music
if we try

what we sing will make us strong
so we all join in with the song
we can make this music
if we try
we can make this music
with our lives
Track Name: home
getting here when we're together
long roads run short
getting here when we're apart
short roads run long

foreign lands when we're together
hold familiar charms
hometowns when we're separated
we don't belong

going home


we are home
Track Name: claimed (duet w/ charity long)
i have tasted and seen
stood before kings and queens
but nothing compares to your glory

try to walk away
but your love makes me stay
there's no escaping your story

i remain
i will stay

i was ruined for less
even with some regrets
but nothing compares to your glory

these roots have gone deep
entangled but free
there's no escaping your story
Track Name: a lullaby
goodnight, goodnight
the day is coming to a close
i kiss your cheeks
then we rub nose to nose

goodnight, goodnight
I run my fingers through your hair
and listen closely
as you whisper your prayers

goodnight my dear
i will take all your fears
carry them far
far from your door
there's no worries anymore

goodnight, goodnight
as your eyes close for today
i will see you soon
then you will hear me say

good morning dear
i will take all your fears
carry them far
far from your door
there's no worries anymore
Track Name: cathedrals
walking in
to the house
of the holy
stained glass windows
tell the story
as the lights
falling down
on the lowly
i can see


marching by
every life
their own glory
wondering what
has become
of their story
with the storms
reigning over
the lowly
can they see?

we could be
Track Name: back to found
when i'm going down
and death is at my door
others look and fear
but i cannot afford
why can't i afford?

with you my life has been so sweet
you see the better man in me
gotta bring more than this to take me down
with your love i'm fighting back to found

when i'm standing still
trapped behind fear's door
i've given up too much
i won't give up any more
won't give up anymore
Track Name: our song
darkened houses
lonely people
empty churches
crooked steeples

they're singing out
we need a song
we need a song

every corner
hearts broken
has death
already spoken

they're singing out
we need a song
we need a song

hope arising
making amends
final chapter
o how love mends

and your grace
will be our song
we'll sing it loud
until we all sing along
Track Name: time to fly
i was thinking of our children
all the advice that you & I would want to give
cause if something ever happened
want you to know you only get one chance to live

when you hit frustration's wall
look up for the way above it all

it's time to fly
time to soar
spread your wings
live the life
you were made for

you've heard that faith can move a mountain
so why get tangled up by simple fears
the distractions of these worries
will never add another second to your years

fly my love